31 March 2016

Rusingoryx. atopocranion

Skull material

         Recent excavations of Late Pleistocene deposits on Rusinga Island, Kenya, have uncovered a catastrophic assemblage of the wildebeast-like bovid Rusingoryx atopocranion

30 March 2016

Haimirichia. amonensis

Articulated specimen, Note: mirrored (Right: Dorsal, Left: Ventral)

The First Articulated Specimen of the Cretaceous Mackerel Shark Haimirichia amonensisgen

29 March 2016

Gavialis. bengawanicus

Skull Dorsal
Skull Ventral

Skull and mandible of Gavialis cf. bengawanicus from the Early Pleistocene of Khok Sung (Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand).

28 March 2016

Viavenator (Hunter of the Road)

Illustration of the skeletal remains (Photographs are not yet available)
               A well preserved skeleton of a new abelisaurid has been described. The holotype of Viavenator exxoni was found in the outcrops of the Bajo de la Carpa Formation (Santonian, Upper Cretaceous), northwestern Patagonia, Argentina.

Abelisaur (Unknown Genus)

              A femur of an as-yet unnamed Abelisaur theropod was recently discovered. The only information gathered is that the approximate size of the animal would have been around 9 meters.

Timurlengia (Of Timurleng)

Teeth; mirrored
left frontal and holotypic braincase
Right articular, Surangular, Left Quadrate, Right Dentary, and Right Maxilla
Assorted Vertebral fragments
Manual and Pedal unguals
                A new Tyrannosauroid theropod, Timurlengia. euotica, has been described from the Late Cretaceous of Uzbekistan. It shows evidence of evolution amongst Tyrannosaurs and adds to the rather broad image of the group of Tyrant Lizards.

Boreonykus (Northern Claw)

          A new genus of Dromaeosaurid was recently uncovered from the Pachyrhinosaurus bone-bed of Alberta, Canada. The animal has been coined, Boreonykus. certekorum. Only a few fragments have been found which are shown here; a frontal and associated post-cranial elements.


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